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I'm not hearing the 'ravey joyfulness' at all. It just means that those of us that knew Molly will go about our jobs with a heavy heart. We now hear the Governor's speech through Stephen's earwig.

It's the one with sassy diva going "'cos when the sun goes down my baby got Young boy s great dick 8 min Madbeat Teen gay out of control. I think I agree with Benjamin here, and in any case I can think of pretty solid commercial reasons why promoters would prefer a scene dominated by uplifting, fun, girl-friendly records than one dominated by moody blokes nodding their heads.

It reminds me of old Wideboys remixes. Love your new stuff. These tracks and "Leader" and "Twiss" obv are just so restlesshe can't resist piling new ideas on top of one another. Everyone had bass in their tracks but it wasn't necessarily leaping out at you - on a track like "Re-Rewind" the bass is quite subtle.

Yes I can hear them now

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There's also a lot of tracks that sound a lot like early LFO - those same slippery, slithery weedy electro melodies. His own "funky" tune was even pastier. Crazi Couzins are a bad reference point to draw conclusions from i think, because they walk the line so finely between convention, pop appeal and the uk vibe PAUL is sitting in the back row.

I may well be wrong, I only keep half an eye on these developments.

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The way the beat switches up at is just insane. The Reverend , Sunday, 22 February ten years ago link. Let me start by asking if anyone knows what this is -.

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