Telling gays how much G- d loves them

I haven't been to a gay club in a while. How about you just appreciate that you're tolerated in a place that is not designed for YOUR pleasure. Tell me what to do Shmurdabooty. People hold doors open for each other.

Montie-is-bi Man: 52y Australia 6.

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  • How much clearer could this be to Glennon?
  • Hope and faith exist only to help us make it though this life. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.
telling gays how much G- d loves them

Introduced by Idina Menzel , from the musical Wicked. It is an abomination. It has one purpose, and that is procreation. Your perspective is enlightening, witty and most enjoyable. Social attitudes Prejudice Violence.

Telling gays how much G- d loves them
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