I can say I had a first gay experience

Your are one of those few fortunate people who get their love and live happily ever after. Now on the other hand I was always curious, just that. For real. He was 16 and of course, the top. We really liked doing little plays or productions together and as we grew older the story changed a lot, we started to write romantic plays and since it was only the two of us presenting one of us had to be the boy.

He really wanted me to keep going but that was the first time I had dick in my mouth and it tasted really gross.

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I can say I had a first gay experience

So if a guy's drunk at a college frat party and messes around with another guy, and then later regrets it and feels like it was dumb and he didn't like it, and never wants to do anything like that for the rest of his life, and likes only women for sex, that still means he's "bi" for the rest of his life?

What happens when these contradict subjective assessments? Only women were in this type, many of whom were college freshmen at a public social event a party.

I can say I had a first gay experience
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