A dating show at Walmart features two gay men

Amazing Commercials Featuring Gay Couples

Woke Parenting eats its own; 'OK Boomer': teach your children not to respect traditions and eventually they'll turn against even your watered-down ones. Especially those born The American Family Association AFA , which has launched a petition to have the video removed and called upon the corporation to stay neutral on homosexuality, said, "In a move that most Christians probably never expected to see, retail giant Walmart has posted an online video that normalizes homosexual relationships.

Parents finally prevail after social service agents state-nap their child. And these two definitely learned how much it could really reveal about a person… Posted by Walmart on Thursday, February 14,

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This post is a hoax, but the sarcasm is real Snowflakes, I'm pretty sure gay people shop there too. Location: Suburb of Chicago 22, posts, read 10,, times Reputation: Will return last week.

A dating show at Walmart features two gay men
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